Fire extinguisher caddy

{"entityMap":{},"blocks":[{"key":"97clr","text":"In case of larger fires and special hazards, the use of several extinguishers may be necessary. More extinguishers means more extinguishing power and an extinguishing attempt by more than one person. In those places, therefore, a fire extinguisher caddy with 3 extinguishers is chosen as mobile protection.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"fmgon","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"9qugm","text":"These caddies are ideally suited for places with increased fire risk, such as paint spraying departments, storage of flammable liquids, chemicals and \/ or plastics, at pump stations and the like.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}}]}

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