Introducing: Virtual reality experience on a storage tank

We introduce a unique virtual reality (VR) experience where we simulate different situations on a storage tank with a floating roof. With special VR headset, visible reality is replaced by a computer-produced image. We simulate a rim seal fire and extinguish it with the unique Saval CFI rim seal gas extinguishing system. By attending this fire virtually on a floating roof in a thunderstorm, the functionality and design of the system will be clear.


CFI rim seal system

The CFI rim seal system has been specially developed to extinguish incipient rim seal fires within a few seconds. The system combines fast automatic detection with immediate extinguishing.

In the VR environment you can observe the various components of the CFI system in detail:

  • CFI storage container
  • Instruments, such as the pressure gauge and pressure switch
  • Ring main extinguishing line with the detection / discharge nozzles
  • Flexible signalling cable


The weather, an important factor

The weather conditions on a storage tank can vary extremely: from extremely cold, tropical heat, sand storm, to thunderstorms and lightning strikes. Lightning is the most common cause for a rim seal fire. It is important that the fire protection system can withstand the weather conditions. The CFI rim seal system is robust. Experiencing this in a VR situation gives optimal information.


CFI extinguishing gas vs. Foam

In this VR environment we can extensively show the difference between the effectiveness of a Saval CFI rim seal system and a manual fire-extinguishing foam system applied in the same situation.
Important is the elapsed time in this comparison. There is a significant difference in reaction time  between a foam system, including alarming the fire brigade, arriving on the scene, starting the extinguishing actions and the Saval CFI system.


We will attend following exhibitions

Intersec in Dubai from 18 to 20 January 2020
StocExpo in Rotterdam from 10 to 12 March 2020
Interschutz in Hannover from 15 to 20 June 2020

Contact us for more information or to experience this unique VR experience yourself.

Written by Harm Straathof
Export sales manager