DON’T PANIC! The first 15 minutes start now…

With 222,000 reports annually at 112, of which 98,000 for assistance and 124,000 for fire, there are in theory 222,000 situations that can get totally out of hand. By making the right preparations, a lot of suffering can be prevented in the first 15 minutes of a calamity. Why are the first 15 minutes so important?

  • Emergency services often only come after the first 15 minutes
  • A small starting fire can be a burning disaster after 15 minutes
  • You are on your own, especially in those first 15 minutes!

You as an entrepreneur / director are and remain responsible for your employees, guests and clients. But also for the continuity of your company / organization.


Our approach for the first 15 minutes in case of fire

According to us, optimal (fire) safety always consists of the right balance between the parts Intervention, Installation and Instruction, with you at the center. And with Management and Maintenance as an indispensable shell to keep this tripod standing, this approach helps you safely through those first 15 minutes in case of fire and other calamities. How do you determine whether you have arranged it well? If every “i” is filled in to some extent, you are on the right track.


Intervention: How do you ensure that people have the right means to intervene?

The safety equipment you need to intervene during the first 15 minutes of a calamity are crucial to prevent worse. Think of fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, but also eyewash bottles or an AED.


Installation: How do you ensure rapid detection and operation of systems in the building?

Building-related installations are also an essential part of the ideal mix. Detection systems, emergency lighting and extinguishing gas systems are a few examples of these automatic installations that ensure (fire) safety without the intervention of people.


Instruction: How do you ensure that people are trained in such a way that they can act in the right way?

How you act in the first 15 minutes in a calamity can save lives. In addition to having enough fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and an automatic extinguishing system, it is the people who make the difference. Knowing how to deal with safety equipment and how to help victims can be indispensable skills when time is running out.


Management and Maintenance: How do you ensure that the extinguishers continue to comply, the installation always works and the instructions are up-to-date?

Management and Maintenance must be in order to guarantee (fire) safety during the first 15 minutes of a calamity. Only purchasing safety products and systems is not enough. For the safety of employees and your property, good periodic inspection of fire protection is therefore a necessity.

Our approach for management and maintenance


Our approach is based on the optimal coherence of Intervention, Installation and Instruction with around it Management and Maintenance and with you at the center. Because your situation is the starting point for the right solution. You can determine that starting point by looking at how far you have filled in each “i”. We know from experience that 85% of companies we speak to think they have arranged it well. 45% appears to be out of order.


Are you sure you have arranged it well?

When in doubt, we like to listen to your situation in order to map possible improvement points. To give you an idea of how we map this, on our approach page per “i” you will find a step-by-step plan of our approach: complete from inventory to maintenance.

Written by Koen van Dijk
Marketing coordinator