Most asked questions about emergency lighting

We are not only specialists in fire protection, but also have extensive knowledge of emergency lighting.
Not only for the supply of replacement fixtures you can contact us, but also the maintenance of emergency lighting is in good hands with us.

What kind of questions do we encounter, among other things, during emergency lighting maintenance? Read below the most frequently asked questions.

Why is the lamp replaced every year?

If TL escape route lighting is continuously lit for a year, it is close to the maximum service life. It is then almost certain that it will be destroyed during the next year; this creates an unsafe situation. Lighting that only comes on in the event of a power failure is tested, but replacement is not necessary. LED escape route lighting is also not required to be replaced annually.

Why does the battery have to be replaced after four years?

In accordance with NEN1010 & NEN1838, escape routes must be illuminated with at least 1 Lux. This must be guaranteed for one hour in case of power failure. Batteries lose capacity, they still work after 4 years, but can no longer meet the required requirements. By replacing the battery after 4 years you meet the rules.

Is a fixture with the text 'EMERGENCY OUTPUT' still allowed?

No, a fixture with the text ‘EMERGENCY OUTPUT’ and also the words ‘OFF’ and ‘EXIT’ are no longer allowed according to the NEN6088. By using unambiguous pictograms (the ‘running’ male), escape routes are recognizable for everyone.

Do I have to have escape route signage in my building?

In practice, you are almost always obliged to do this, as described in the 2012 Building Decree. Moreover, the Health and Safety Decree requires adequate emergency lighting in sections 3.7, 3.9 and 8.4.

Is maintenance of emergency lighting mandatory?

Yes, emergency lighting is mandatory. Both according to the Building Decree and the Working Conditions Act. Not only in the case of random checks by the Health and Safety Service or fire brigade you can have problems with a lack of emergency lighting, but in case of calamities, you will also check whether you have met your duty of care.

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