Amendment to European F Gas Provision

European F-gas Regulation (EC) 842/2006 has been repealed and replaced by Regulation (EU) 517/2014. This publication affects the use of the FM200 extinguishing gas and all existing FM200 extinguishing gas systems.

Imports of the gas will be greatly reduced over the next three years, as a result of which the value and the prices will rise and delivery times will increase. The price of FM200 will immediately change to a ‘price on request’. That means that the prices can vary per day.

This means that, when the cylinders are rechecked in the 10th year, 90% of the existing FM200 can be reused and 10% can not. This 10% will then have to be delivered at the then applicable rates and conditions.

We are of course happy to think along with you. We can see whether there is a possibility to convert the current extinguishing gas system into, for example, Novec 1230 or IG55 extinguishing gas (SK Inerflex).

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Written by Ger Prins
Manager service systems