New Bioclass HR+ foam extinguisher

With the new Bioclass HR+ foam extinguisher, Saval again proves that high-class fire protection and environmental care are no contradiction.

Our own research team has been able to further improve the already successful Bioclass HR foam. The new Bioclass HR+ foam extinguishers are now certified to the highest possible fire ratings for fire classes A and B, even exceeding the fire extinguishing performance of conventional powder extinguishers!

In addition to the very high A and B rating, the Bioclass HR+ foam is successfully tested on Lithium-Ion battery fires. The special ingredients in the foam enable quick and safe extinguishing of these difficult fires. The dangerous vapors released from these fires are safely captured by the strong Bioclass HR+ foam blanket.

Bioclass Separate Container HR+ blusser

Suitable for small Lithium-Ion fires

Bioclass HR+ is also certified to the strict rules of the Dutch Environmental Approval. In addition the environmental impact is further minimized by the separate foam container in the extinguisher, doubling the shelf life of the foam concentrate.

Written by Wim Kwakkenbos
Manager product development