Saval certified for Level 3 CO₂ Performance Ladder

Saval is committed to reducing CO2 emissions in all its business processes. We use the CO2 performance ladder of the SKAO foundation as an instrument for inventory and certification. The insights gained can be used to consider what improvements are possible to reduce Saval’s environmental impact (also known as a company’s Carbon Footprint).

Together for less CO2

The level at which we deal with CO2 reduction meets the requirements set by the SKAO (Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Entrepreneurship) / CO2 Performance Ladder at level 3. We will review our energy policy, our CO2 footprint and reduction targets every six months. to communicate.

Our energy policy

At the end of February 2020, Saval was certified on the CO2 Performance Ladder level 3. This makes it important for Saval to map the CO2 footprint every six months with the aim of reducing it. This reduction is achieved by means of the CO2 management system of the CO2 Performance Ladder. This includes the components of insight, reduction, communication and participation in initiatives.

Our objective regarding CO2 reduction

Saval B.V. wants to emit 35% less CO2 in 2023 compared to 2018. (This objective is related to the turnover achieved and the number of FTEs)

The following measures have been drawn up to achieve this objective:

✓ Installation of an integrated climate control system (2020)
✓ Tighten lease policy (2020)
✓ Apply LED lighting when installing a climate control system (2020)
✓ Switch to 100% Dutch green energy (2020)
✓ Placing extra intermediate meters (2020)
✓ Prepare mobility scheme (2021)
✓ Reducing excess material (2021)
✓ Replace emergency lighting fixtures for LED (2021)

The certificate:


For more information I would like to refer you to our page regarding the CO2 Performance Ladder and sustainability.

Written by Peter Soler Schutte
Coördinator qesh & facilities