Noodverlichting in logistieke omgeving 3

Emergency lighting in logistic environment


MAK Aandrijvingen, found in 1926, is an established supplier of drive technology on the Dutch market. They are based in Lelystad and supply drive components such as roller chains, belts, electric motors and gear units from there. Moreover, since 2018 they have been part of Axel Johnson International.

In the modern business premises in Lelystad, approximately 40% of the annual sales volume is stored, fully accessible with the help of an automated location system. MAK has well-equipped assembly facilities for chain assembly, cutting and welding of timing belts and for assembling motor gearboxes; all work is performed by skilled mechanical engineers.

During a check-up by our technician, it became clear that the maximum lifespan of a large number of existing lighting fixtures had been reached. To guarantee the logistics process and to optimize internal safety, Saval has been approached to come up with a sustainable solution.


Based on the wishes of the customer, we have prepared a lighting plan that looks at the different escape routes. The escape route indication is realized by 20 ESKALED LED fixtures. A large part of the existing TL ambient lighting has been replaced by 22 ESKALED Strato LED luminaires, which, in the event of a power failure, provide at least an hour of lighting to indicate to those present the nearest escape route.