Compact blusschuimsysteem voor duurtest laboratorium

Compact fire-fighting foam system for endurance testing laboratory

In the summer of 2019 a new Innovation Center was opened at Bravilor Bonamat, the new accommodation for the research and development department (R&D). Here are new beverage preparation products being developed, prototyped and subjected to various tests to guarantee quality and durability. Saval was approached to develop an automatic compact foam extinguishing system for the endurance test laboratory, in order to guarantee fire safety during times when no personnel are present.


Bravilor Bonamat is a leading manufacturer of coffee machines, espresso machines and hot water equipment. A family business that has existed since 1948 and whose headquarters are located in Heerhugowaard. With more than 450 employees spread across ten of its own branches and two factories in both the Netherlands and Poland, it is possible to respond quickly to the needs of the global market.

The R&D department consists of around 40 employees who are engaged in the research and development of new beverage preparation systems. These (beverage preparation) machines are developed from conceptual design to a prototype, where the challenge is to design the machine in such a way that it is suitable for series production in the production facilities in the Netherlands and Poland. Work is also being done here on solutions and improvements to the existing Bravilor Bonamat product range.

In the summer of 2019, the R&D department will be working in the new Innovation Center with various facilities, such as a Design Shop, Laboratory, Duration test laboratory, EMC software room and 3D printer to enable optimum product development. For the endurance test laboratory, where endurance and stress tests, among other things, are performed on various products, a desire has arisen to guarantee fire safety in the absence of personnel.


FT-45 stationary foam extinguishing system for endurance testing laboratory

Components / specs:

  • 2 FT45 stationary cilinders, filled with 45 liters Bioclass ABFFC extinguishing foam with Eco quality mark
  • 2 CO2 activation cylinders
  • 20 meter temperature sensitive Cesaflex detection line (10 meter detection line per system)
  • 2 manual control levers for manual activation
  • 20 meter stainless steel piping (fire extinguishing)
  • 19 Bioclass foam nozzles

System operation:

The extinguishing foam system is a combination of a 20 meter Cesaflex detection line, 2 custom fire fighting trolleys and a 20 meter long stainless steel extinguishing pipe with a total of 19 nozzles. In principle they are 2 independent systems. When the strategically placed detection line is melted, the system is activated, whereby 45 liters of ABFFC fire-fighting foam is sprayed over the protected objects. In addition, each extinguishing foam system can be individually manually activated using the 2 manual control buttons.