Saval verhoogt het brandveiligheidsniveau bij AEB 3

Saval increases the fire safety level at AEB

The  Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB) is a waste processing company in Amsterdam. AEB processes waste from Amsterdam and the region, and has three waste incineration plants at its disposal. This way they convert waste into electricity, district heating and high-quality building materials. Every day approximately 400 employees are committed to processing about half a million garbage bags and 3000 tonnes of industrial waste into sustainable energy and reusable raw materials.

Scope of the contract

As a fire safety specialist, we are involved by AEB to offer fire safety solutions for the specific risks of waste processing and associated process installations. After a best value procurement process, we have signed an agreement. The work started in January 2019.


The spaces that needed to be secured were designated in advance. The technical implementation of the solutions is entirely done by us. We have designed and installed various fire protection systems in the HRC and AEC power stations in the Westelijk Havengebied. We were responsible for the principles, implementation of the FM Global data sheets and acceptance of the insurer, in this case FM Global.

Various fire risks

AEB has to deal with various fire risks that are covered in different ways.
We explain a few of them:

Installations that we have designed and installed

+ Two clean water tanks with a combined capacity of 2.5 million liters of water.

+ Pump room with three large diesel-driven fire pumps, in total they pump 18,500 liters per minute with a pressure of 12 bar.

+ Underground pipes for the extinguishing water.

+ Low pressure water mist systems for three turbine housings and oil cellars.

+ Sprinkler and sprinkler foam systems for technical rooms under the turbines.

+ Sprinkler systems for three step-up transformers.

+ Dry and deluge systems with 2000 sprinkler heads in the waste bunker.

+ 60 extinguishing gas cylinders (80 liters per cylinder) and 3 km aspiration detection pipe for the protection of many electrical rooms.

+ Fire alarm, control and sprinkler alarm panels are interconnected with fiberglass so all data can be collected and analyzed in the (central) control room.

In addition, we maintain the delivered installations for the coming 5 years in order to guarantee optimum availability.


Training sessions

Training sessions were organized to inform the AEB employees about the operation of the fire protection installations. Both theoretically and in practice to get acquainted with the operation and to be able to respond correctly in emergency situations.

AEB has made a training on video so that new employees can also be independently trained in the future. For a first introduction, AEB has made a short instructional film, watch it here.

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