Sprinkler en blusgasinstallatie voor PET recycler 16

Sprinkler and extinguishing gas system for PET recycler

4PET Recycling is a PET recycling organization with a processing capacity of approximately 750 million bottles per year. The bottles are recycled to Corepet®; in the industry known as a low weight, stable and strong plastic raw material which is resistant to chemicals. In order to meet strict safety requirements in the short term, we have entered into a partnership to realize the appropriate fire protection installations for each (risk) space, both inside and outside.

It soon became apparent that the lead time of the project would be critical to complete all phases. For 4PET, we have drawn up a starting document and parallel to this the engineering and cost estimate. This also includes the requirements of the insurer and municipality. These were submitted to the client who quickly decided that we would receive the order and the work could start immediately.


Suitable fire protection per area

The factory is protected with a sprinkler system, also the outer façade in connection with the outdoor transformers and covered storage. For the technical rooms, an extinguishing gas installation with SK Inerflex extinguishing gas was chosen. The existing evacuation system has been maintained and put into use again.

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