Proefblussing met een nieuwe schuimmenger bij Tank Opslag Verbeke

Live test with a new foam proportioner at Tank Storage Verbeke

Tank Storage Verbeke is a service provider for the chemical and petrochemical industry: storage, transport, drumming and blending. The terminal is strategically located along the most important shipping routes of Antwerp and Brussels, which can also be reached via rail and highway.

In 2016, the Hemiksem site was expanded with six new storage tanks. The tanks are in a tank pit and are connected to the loading station for trucks and a jetty. There are two challenges that Tank Storage Verbeke had to deal with.

Fire truck

We were also asked to design the foam proportioning system for the fire truck on the Tank Opslag Verbeke site. The customer wanted to be able to use the truck for as many applications as possible on site. One of the challenges was the limited space on the vehicle. Together with our sister company Knowsley SK in Manchester, we have designed an installation and delivered a Midi and a Maxi Turbinator. This is a water-driven foam proportioner that is able to accurately mix foam concentrate with water. The truck can thus be used in every way on the Tank Storage Verbeke site.

Testing the system

The adjustments to the extinguishing foam system had to be verified. For this we have done a test in the presence of an inspection agency. During the test we measured the actual water flow and checked the operation of the Turbinator: the mixing ratio of the extinguishing foam with the water. All results were good, making it a successful test.