Training op maat in Koeweit: CFI RIM Seal Protection systemen installeren 3

Customized training in Kuwait: Installing CFI RIM Seal protection systems

Our project manager Jan Veraart has given a 2 day training to 24 Arabi Enertech employees on location in Kuwait, so that they can independently install our CFI RIM Seal Protection systems.

Our client

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is the state oil company of Kuwait. KOC is responsible for the extraction of oil and gas in Kuwait and is responsible for exploration, drilling, production and transport to users or export ports. Most of the oil is being exported.


KOC produces approximately 3 million barrels of oil per day.

We supply KOC with CFI RIM Seal Protection systems for 82 existing storage tanks via Arabi Enertech KSC.


From the Netherlands, a special shipment was sent with all training components. Together with the Arabi Enertech team, we set up a CFI RIM Seal system for practical training. A temporary shelter has been set up outside for the practical training due to the bad weather (thunderstorms, strong wind and rain).

We started the practical training with a complete process demonstration and explanation: from leak test to filling and draining. It was then the mechanical team’s turn to independently perform all demonstrated steps and replace the nozzles in accordance with all procedures. Finally, we activated the glass bulb, this happens at 93 ° C, to achieve this we used boiling water.

The last part of the training was instrumentation in practice. We accurately measure the level and pressure of the nitrogen. We put pressure on the system and explained the functioning of the instruments step by step. At the request of KOC, the operation of the special Block & Bleed valves has been demonstrated. This valve makes it possible to replace and calibrate instruments without draining the system.

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