Watermistinstallaties ter bescherming van hydrauliek units bij staalverwerker

Water mist installations for the protection of hydraulic units at steel processing plant

Introduction Wuppermann

Wuppermann Staal Nederland B.V. is located in the port of Moerdijk and has been part of the Wuppermann Group for 20 years. The company is currently the largest producer of galvanized steel within the Wuppermann Group. Wuppermann is not just a name in the steel industry; it is a symbol of innovation, quality and tradition. Founded in 1872, this family business has developed over the decades into a pioneer in the world of steel. With an unwavering commitment to product development, efficient production and superior processing, Wuppermann has created a legacy that speaks of long-term growth and value creation.

The production of galvanized steel in Moerdijk is characterized by the strictest tolerances, advanced surfaces and reliable corrosion protection. In Moerdijk, Wuppermann employs approximately 145 people.

The steel processing line at Wuppermann in Moerdijk is called a combined pickling / hot strip galvanizing line.

A combined pickling / hot strip galvanizing line in steel processing is a production line in which coils of rolled steel are cleaned with hydrochloric acid and then provided with a protective zinc layer. These lines are designed to improve the corrosion resistance of steel products, extending their service life. Wuppermann products are used in various industries, including construction, furniture, automotive, solar energy and transportation technology.

  • 10 water cylinders
  • 3 Kentec extinguishing control panels
  • 5 nitrogen propellant cylinders
  • 12 flame detectors
  • 5 distribution valves
  • 6 extinguishing activation buttons
  • 24 high pressure water mist nozzles
  • Optical and acoustic alarm devices
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Cabling