Sprinkler system

A sprinkler system is a fire-extinguishing system that combats a fire automatically, quickly and effectively. Sprinklers protect buildings and people against the effects of fire, enabling safe evacuation and minimising disruption to business processes.

Where can a sprinkler system be applied?

Sprinkler systems are used to protect large areas such as warehouses and production plants. Temperature-sensitive sprinkler nozzles distribute water through the space, supplied by a network of pipes and powerful pumps. This allows a fire to be extinguished or controlled at an early stage until the fire brigade arrives.

The sprinkler nozzles are fitted in a grid under the ceiling and sealed with a glass bulb or fusible link (a heat-sensitive element) that breaks at a particular temperature, releasing water to combat the fire. Sprinkler nozzles come in various shapes and sizes, to suit the most diverse conditions. The water is delivered by means of pumps and motors from the water main, water tanks or open water. There are various design standards for sprinkler systems.

An active extinguishing system means fire is usually limited to one room, making evacuation easier. With safe access, the fire brigade can easily fight the fire from inside the building with a smaller team and, where necessary, perform further extinguishing actions. Because a limited in-house emergency organisation and appropriate evacuation strategy are often sufficient, you can save money. The investment in architectural compartments and their maintenance is also limited.

Environment and health

Sprinkler systems protect people and the environment. Due to their cooling effect, they reduce the formation of toxic fumes which claim the most victims in the event of a fire. Because fires remain small in size, damage to the environment is also limited.

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