Saval Garant!

Fire safety is complex. You can easily find yourself dealing with 5 or 6 different parties, with no one taking responsibility for the final result. Which is why, even after major investments, fire safety inspectors routinely conclude that elements are missing and withhold the required certificates. Many of those involved, such as the fire service, CCV, industry bodies and even the owners and users agree that there is an acute lack of coherence in fire safety.

For this reason, Saval is introducing Saval Garant, the first all-in-one fire safety solution, to give you complete peace of mind and guarantee the desired result.

The first step is the Fire Risk Scan, performed on behalf of Saval by sector specialists to catalogue your institution’s fire safety risks. Based on this risk analysis, you will receive a concise recommendation (with alternatives and an overall price) and an action plan to achieve your objective. The objective is to at least comply with the Buildings Act (or equivalent), but you can add additional requirements from your insurer or based on your own security aims. After this phase, you pay only the cost of the risk analysis and you are free to choose a party to implement the recommendations.

If you choose to use our services, we will deduct the fee for the risk analysis from our price and draw up a clear ‘roadmap’ explaining the action plan and covering every single aspect (structural, systems and organisational).

We will take over your obligation to keep all fire safety provisions up to standard, including all required certifications and training. This includes an absolute guarantee that your company will remain fully certified for 10 years for a fixed annual sum.


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