auto draft 14 v2

A major oil exploration and production company in the Arabian Gulf which accounts for about 70% of its country's crude oil production and nearly all of its natural gas supply; adopted the CFI system in March 2020 for one of its open top floating roof crude oil storage tanks. After months of research, live product demonstrations, and several technical discussions regarding the CFI system features; the client decided to implement CFI as a pilot project.

grote oliemaatschappij in de gcc implementeert het saval cfi rim seal brandbeveiligingssysteem arabische golf v2
Scope of supply

Complete CFI sections

  • Design, engineering, supply and installation;
  • CFI cylinders;
  • Detector / sprayer nozzles;
  • Saval SK-3000 panel

Fast acting combined: detection and extinguishment system

The Saval CFI system offers this customer the convenience of a fast acting combined detection and extinguishment system that can be quickly installed on remote live storage tanks without taking them out of operation. The Saval project and sales teams went to significant milestones to get this system shipped by air to the client in record time despite the current logistical difficulties and travel restrictions. We are excited to be working with this customer on this pilot project to showcase the effectiveness of the CFI system as a first line of attack for protecting storage tanks.