Fire protection since 1925

With over 95 years of experience in fire and evacuation safety, Saval is a reliable partner. Every day, there are more than 200 Saval employees working on your safety. Always in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001, your guarantee of quality.

We are Saval

Saval develops and manufactures extinguishers, hose reels, etc. in our own factory in Breda. The customisation which this allows is reflected in the product novelties which Saval has long developed for a range of clients at home and abroad.


You want to protect the capital goods your business continuity depends on, including when you are not on the premises. We implement automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems based on your situation and needs from drawing to commissioning.


Maintenance by certified service technicians guarantees the correct operation of the products when it counts. Thanks to our digital service process, not one piece of fire-fighting equipment is overlooked and you have all the necessary maintenance data at your disposal virtually immediately. We can also provide a complete log and cost indication for the next few years, to give you an even better picture of your safety over the coming years.


Besides developing, manufacturing, delivering and maintaining a comprehensive range of fire-fighting equipment, Saval also supplies and maintains emergency lighting. And you can also come to us for safety courses such as Emergency Response and VCA, plus escape route maps and evacuation drills.


The result is a unique combination of human know-how and equipment, ensuring that your business, your people and your investments are properly protected.

Our specialists

About Saval

Fulco de Vries

Director - BU High Value Asset Protection

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Norbert Albersen

Director - BU First Intervention Solutions and Managing Director Saval B.V.

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Hilko Weening

Sales Manager - First Intervention Solutions

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Tom Weyns

Division Manager Special Hazards - High Value Asset Protection

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Erwin de Vrind

Office Manager - First Intervention Solutions

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Ger Prins

Area Service Manager - First Intervention Solutions

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Michel de Boer

Division Manager Projecten - High Value Asset Protection

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Mark van Aert

Area Service Manager - First Intervention Solutions

Over Saval 18

Mohamed Moudrous

Manager Product Development & Product Management - First Intervention Solutions

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Harm Straathof

Sales Manager Export - High Value Asset Protection

Over Saval 16

Edgar Elias

Service Manager - High Value Asset Protection