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Extinguisher Maintenance Expert

Extinguisher Maintenance Expert

The REOB course qualifies the engineer as an Extinguisher Maintenance Expert, or ODB (previously known as REOB engineer).

Saval has been the leading training centre for REOB-certified maintenance engineers – now known as ODB (Extinguisher Maintenance Expert) – for extinguishers since the early 80s. We have a long track record of thoroughly preparing course participants for their work.

During the strongly practice-based course at our training centre in Breda, students are familiarised with the fire-fighting equipment they will encounter in practice. Not only are they thus well prepared for their daily work, they are also ready for their exam. Candidates trained by Saval have historically had very high pass rates!

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Guarantee of expertise in fire protection

Quality in fire protection has become an absolute priority, certainly in recent years. It goes without saying that quality can only be guaranteed by keeping the knowledge and expertise of service engineers at a high level.

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Independent of brand; Fire extinguishers come in many types and sizes

A service engineer needs to have good basic knowledge in order to be able to see the most important differences and risks at a glance. After all, if used improperly, an extinguisher can change from being a safety product to being an unguided projectile. Our practical area has extinguishers of every type and construction.

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Other equipment; Hose reels and wheeled extinguishers are also handled

At Saval, the training extends to fire hose reels and wheeled fire extinguishers. Our practice area is equipped with both so that course participants can gain hands-on experience.

Full REOB/ODB training

Naturally we offer the full REOB/ODB course, which lasts six days. After those six days, we also offer a 'refresher day' at no extra charge, which is held just before the exam. This involves summarising the course, answering questions and giving the participants the opportunity to practice one last time before the exam.

REOB/ODB application course

The 'Extinguisher Maintenance Expert Application Course' represents an important part of the training pathway for service engineers. This course, which every service engineer must take once a year, guarantees that even experienced ODB engineers are up to date with the latest developments. This is no luxury, because there are frequent significant changes in fire protection.

Textbook and exam

On the first day of the Full REOB/ODB training, you will receive the ODB textbook. The cost is included in the course price. This book is based on the final and exam terms of the ODB training programmes and, besides a lot of information, also contains exercises per chapter and a number of test papers to prepare for the exam. The exam is held by the independent examinations body Certoplan.

If you complete the exam successfully, the Extinguisher Maintenance Expert Vocational Training diploma will be sent to you or your employer by post. The exam dates, which are shown at saval.nl, are decided in consultation with Certoplan.

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Admission requirements

No previous training is required to follow the Extinguisher Maintenance Expert Vocational Training course. However, some affinity with technology is desirable.