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Short-term projects / small works

Short-term projects / small works

The Short-term Projects / Small Works department has been specifically established to swiftly and adaptably execute tasks with agility.

The Short-term Projects / Small Works department has been set up with the aim of executing tasks swiftly and flexibly. This encompasses addressing residual issues identified during maintenance and inspections, as it is crucial to resolve any deficiencies in the installations to prevent recertification or disapproval. Acting promptly not only enhances fire safety but also increases availability. Furthermore, this department is capable of efficiently managing small-scale projects that require limited engineering and project management, resulting in cost savings.

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What can we do for you?

  • Issues identified during maintenance;
  • Modification of an existing installation after a renovation or expansion of the building;
  • Replacement of components or complete installation;
  • Small new fire protection installations.
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How do we work?

We specialize in executing small-scale projects with a short lead time. These projects require minimal project management and engineering, enabling us to be flexible and quickly adapt. As a result, tasks are efficiently completed in a timely manner.


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We can help with any system you need

  • Fire alarm system;
  • Evacuation system;
  • Sprinkler installation;
  • Extinguishing gas system;
  • Water mist system;
  • etc.

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