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Inspecting climbing equipment

Everyone knows that the use of ordinary stepladders, stairs and ladders on construction sites are the source of many accidents. Failure to use climbing equipment correctly and incorrect working methods are usually the cause. If the accident is caused by the climbing equipment itself, the equipment is defective. By having Saval inspect your stairs, ladders and scaffolding, you can clearly demonstrate that you are providing safe climbing equipment for your employees.

Inspection checklist

Below are a few of the general inspection points from the extensive checklist:

+ Damage, cracks and many other forms of wear

+ The condition of the equipment

+ The straightness of the climbing equipment

+ Do all the joins meet the required standards?

+ Does the climbing equipment function in accordance with the requirements?

+ The presence of equipment (is the ladder/staircase still complete?)

+ Do the protective caps meet the required standards?

+ The anti-slip walking surface must be intact (effective anti-slip function)

Plus many other important points which must meet the required standards.

Requirement and advice

NEN 2484 and EN131 set out the requirements that staircases and ladders must meet. In the Netherlands, all ladders, folding ladders and staircases must also comply with the Commodities Act, Movable Climbing Equipment Decree. We recommend introducing quality requirements for the professional and regular use of ladders and stairs and pointing out the dangers of DIY solutions, for example. NEN-EN 1004 is the European standard that sets strength and construction requirements for mobile scaffolding.

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