Uitbreiding veiligheidsmiddelen bij producent van kantpersgereedschap 1

Expansion of fire and escape protection at new production location Wila

Press brakesĀ  are important machines used in the metalworking industry. With these machines you can bend or ‘set’ sheet material into any desired shape. Press brakes are used in the automotive industry, shipbuilding and machine construction. In fact, you can say that these machines contribute to the creation of today’s world.

Wila B.V., from Lochem, Gelderland, develops and produces high-end clamping systems and tools for press brake builders and users. They have been doing this for over 85 years now. They are the worldwide market leader and are at the forefront when it comes to innovations in press brakes, clamping systems and related tools. Improving the productivity and quality of the bending process at Wila’s customers has always been the starting point. In addition to the locations in the Netherlands, Wila also has a production and sales location in China and a sales location in the United States.

Every day more than 300 employees work at the locations in Lochem. The completely new production location called ‘The Tool’ was put into use at the end of 2020 / beginning of 2021. Saval was approached for this location to see how we can fill in the safety equipment. We are also looking at how we can guarantee the maintenance and deployability of these resources in the coming years.


NEN 4001 projecting and adding fire extinguishers

Fire hose reels were installed throughout the building upon completion. Of course, fire hose reels are only effective on Class A (solid matter) fires and are absolutely not safe to use on live equipment. In view of the great value of production material, such as robots and CNC machines, careful consideration has been made in the application of suitable extinguishing agents.

After a NEN 4001 projection by our advisor, advice was given for the addition of portable fire extinguishers. A distinction is made here between basic protection with Bioclass HR+ foam extinguishers (both 6 and 9 litres) and additional CO2 extinguishers (5 kg) for electrical equipment or switchboards.

The Bioclass HR+ is our most powerful foam extinguisher ever and equals the extinguishing power of powder extinguishers, without the additional collateral damage that you have with powder. For fires in control cabinets and sensitive equipment, we have added carbon dioxide extinguishers next to the foam extinguishers. These leave virtually no residue after an attempt to extinguish. Of course, all extinguishers are made clearly visible by means of pictograms.


Wila’s new production location now meets the strict fire safety requirements that the company has set for itself. In addition to the existing fire hose reels, more than enough portable fire extinguishers have been installed. The existing evacuation plans also ensure that both staff and visitors can see at a glance how to flee quickly in the event of a calamity.

The unmanned server room and patch cabinet are additionally protected with compact automatic extinguishing systems, so that autonomous action is taken in the event of a starting fire.

In addition, Wila and Saval have entered into a multi-year agreement in which fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, extinguishing systems and emergency lighting are maintained. Regardless of brand or age. (Emergency lighting and fire hose reels on location We do not maintain De Tool). For example, the deployability of all safety equipment is checked every year and brought to the highest possible level. Such a safe feeling!

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