Fire protection of historic DC-3 Dakota aircraft

Wheeled CO2 extinguisher for historic DC-3 Dakota aircraft

The Dutch Dakota Association from Lelystad, founded in 1982, has had a large number of historic aircraft in its possession over the years and kept them airworthy. The Princess Amalia, PH-PBA DC-3 is the former plane of Prince Bernard and the prominent possession of DDA. Thanks to the many volunteers, every year between 100 and 150 flight hours are achieved. In order to protect this unique heirloom, Saval has supplied a wheeled CO2 extinguisher that is used during the start procedure.

DDA Classic Airlines

Dutch Dakota Association is a dynamic museum that has become a full-fledged aviation company. The objective of DDA Classic Airlines is to stimulate interest in (historical) aviation and make it accessible to the widest possible audience. As a non-profit organization, DDA succeeded in innovative ways to unite the preservation of historical heritage with the operation of its 80-year old DC-3 Dakota with the highest professional standards.


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