Sprinklers en inspectiecertificering bij internationale folieproducent

Fire safety foil manufacturer guaranteed with inspection certificate

Apeldoorn Flexible Packaging develops and produces flexible packaging foils and films, such as packaging for food. AFP produces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 51 weeks a year. AFP has expanded and grown over the years, necessary adjustments were needed to the existing sprinkler system. A result of an inspection has led AFP to prove the fire safety is guaranteed with an inspection certificate.

Because of the 24/7 production a stop or interruption is not possible just like that. It requires daily consultation in the workplace and micro planning. The project manager, assembly manager and fitters have done an excellent job in this. This was almost an impossible task that was carried out without any problems, together with the production staff of AFP.


Fire safety without defects

The result is an adapted sprinkler system with inspection certificate. In addition, various architectural improvements have been made, such as fire-resistant sealings of openings in fire compartments. The water supply pond has been emptied, cleaned and refilled. Proven fire safety without shortcomings. We Know.

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