Hoogste toren van Nederland voorzien van nieuwste detectie- en blustechniek

Highest construction in the Netherlands protected with the newest detection and extinguishing technology

The Gerbrandy tower, also known as Radio Mast Lopik, is the highest structure in the Netherlands at 372 meters. It is one of the most important radio towers in the Netherlands for FM radio, television and emergency service alerts.

The tower consists of a concrete tower of approximately 100 meters high, on top of which a steel mast of 260 meters and an antenna, so that the total height is 372 meters. The steel mast has a diameter of 2 meters, weighs 235 tons and is supported by guy wires. We have provided the steel mast with a new aspiration detection and extinguishing gas system.

Early detection and automatic extinguishing

The entire steel mast is equipped with a highly sensitive smoke extraction system, also known as aspiration detection. This system is able to detect a fire early. In addition, the mast is equipped with an automatic SK InerFlex® extinguishing gas system. Two overpressure provisions have been placed at the border with the concrete at 100 meters height and one at the top of the tower. The extinguishing gas presses the oxygen out through the top of the tower if a fire starts. The extinguishing gas is safe for the existing transmitters and other electrical equipment.

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