Foam extinguishing system

Foam extinguishing systems are capable of quickly and effectively fighting fire and so offer optimum protection to people and the environment. They are often employed in high-risk situations in, for example, PGS and PGS-15-29 structures (for the storage of hazardous substances) and BRZO companies (which have large quantities dangerous substances).

Where can a foam extinguishing system be applied?

Foam extinguishing systems are used to fight liquid fires and cover liquids to prevent (re)ignition. Foam is also an effective extinguishing agent on burning solids. A specific application is the preventive covering and containment of LNG/LPG fires. Foam is used primarily in the chemicals and petrochemicals industry, processing industry, storage and transhipment facilities, airports, helidecks, tank storage, loading and unloading areas for ships, trains, etc.

Extinguishing foams can be divided into heavy, medium and light foams. The choice of foam concentrate and other system components depends on the fuel to be extinguished and the structure. Other considerations are environmental aspects, purchase and maintenance costs, the requirements, rules and standards, technical feasibility, etc.

  • Product group Foam based extinguishing system
  • Product family Foam extinguishing
  • Extinguishing agent Foam

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