High-pressure water mist system

High-pressure water mist systems are suitable for local application or spaces with a high fire risk. The systems convert water into water mist under pressure. They are not only environmentally friendly but also often more effective than conventional extinguishing systems.

High-pressure water mist systems work at a pressure of between 80 and 200 bar. This high pressure, supplied by pumps (or cylinders in smaller systems), is used to generate small droplets and thrust. The throughput of the pump and hence the output of the system can be adjusted to suit the situation. These systems are activated by a glass bulb or a fire detection system, to which they can easily be connected. Remote maintenance is optional.

The fine water droplets make the system highly effective. The surface area cooled is larger than in low water pressure systems. Local oxygen suppression is also an important function of this system.

Environment and health

Due to their relatively low water consumption, high-pressure water mist systems are environmentally friendly and not harmful to people. They do not harm the ozone layer or contribute to the greenhouse effect. No warning prior to activation of the system is required to protect individuals.

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Hogedruk watermistsysteem

  • Product group Water based extinguishing system
  • Product family Water mist
  • Extinguishing agent Water
  • Firerating class A Yes
  • Firerating class B Yes
  • Firerating class F Yes

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