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Dry riser maintenance

Dry riser maintenance

Dry risers enable large quantities of water to be transported in high-rise buildings without having to roll out fire hoses throughout the building.

Demands for maintenance according to the NEN norm

All buildings taller than 20 metres must have a dry riser and connection points within 50 metres of any point in the building. Very large buildings may therefore have multiple dry risers, each with its own inlet breeching and multiple connection points.

A standard dry riser should have the following parts:

  • CC connector: on every hydrant valve;
  • J connector: on the breeching inlet;
  • Landing valve: at every connection point;
  • Wall cabinet: to protect the J connector
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Annual inspection of the dry riser

Dry risers must be inspected annually and hydrostatically tested in accordance with NEN1594 upon delivery and thereafter every 5 years. After approval, Saval will issue a certificate.

Flow measurements

Besides the annual inspection and special tests, Saval can also perform flow measurements in order to check water output.

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7-step plan

To check your dry riser in accordance with NEN 1594-2006 and guarantee that it is in a good state of repair.

1. The riser is checked annually for:

  • Rust;
  • Cracks;
  • Dents
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2. Fire hose connections are checked annually for:

  • Valves in accordance with the NEN standard;
  • Completeness of the connectors;
  • Operation of the valve;
  • Damage;
  • Blockages;
  • Lubrication of the landing valve
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3. Wall cabinets are checked annually for:

  • Standard requirements;
  • Operation of the lock;
  • Presence of the pictogram (B-sign);
  • Overall condition;
  • Then we vent the fire pipe
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4. The inlet breeching is checked annually for:

  • Correct height;
  • Completeness of the fixture;
  • The lubrication of the screw thread and sealing ring;
  • Damage;
  • Blockages
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5. The drain device is checked annually for:

  • Correct location;
  • Operation;
  • Closure and sealing
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6. The dry riser is pressure-tested once every 5 years:

  • Replace gasket ring;
  • Replace rubber seat;
  • Fill pipe with water;
  • Check for leaks;
  • Increase pressure to 24 bar
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7. Completion of the maintenance:

  • Apply certification label;
  • Seal fixtures;
  • Scan barcode;
  • Send maintenance report;
  • Make test report (only in the fifth year)
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