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Maintenance sprinkler system

Maintenance sprinkler system

Proper maintenance guarantees the long-term reliability of a sprinkler system. Our service organisation is available 24/7.

Proper maintenance guarantees the long-term reliability of a sprinkler system. We have a service organization that is available 24/7 and a team of well-trained, certified service technicians who specialize in sprinkler systems.

What can we do for you?

  • Semi-annual and annual preventive maintenance;
  • Biweekly testing;
  • Tank inspections;
  • Repairs to all parts;
  • Modifications to the sprinkler system
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24/7 - Service to your sprinkler system

In the event of leakage, damage or incorrect activation of the sprinkler system, we do everything we can to limit any water damage and downtime of the system. We ensure that specialists are available day and night to remedy malfunctions, so that our customers can once again rely on the operation of the sprinkler system.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is performed once every 12 months. After implementation, a maintenance report is issued, in which any comments and advice are listed.

Preventive maintenance includes:

  • Check water supply and pump;
  • Check sprinkler alarms and technical supervision reports;
  • Control controls;
  • Checking the pipe network and alarm valves;
  • Control reporting periodic testing and logbook;
  • Checking available documentation (delivery documentation)

Biweekly tests include:

  • Test fire alarms from the alarm valves;
  • Test low pressure signals;
  • Test start/stop auxiliary pump;
  • Let the sprinkler pump run under load for 30 minutes;
  • Check pump room installation

Brand independent maintenance

Our specialists are trained in the maintenance of sprinkler systems from almost all manufacturers and suppliers on the market. Our people know the specific maintenance requirements of each brand, which means we can offer brand-independent maintenance. That's Saval's power.

Unburdening for large maintenance contracts

Would you like a single point of contact for integral fire safety? Our sister company Fire Safety First carries out larger maintenance contracts. This way you can easily keep a grip on architectural, technical installation and organizational measures.

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Minor works or modifications

A renovation, a new user or a different layout of a building? This can affect the fire safety of a room. If our technicians identify deviations during regular maintenance, our Small Works department will respond to this. This department examines whether adjustments are necessary, so that the sprinkler system complies with the regulations again.

Maintenance certificate

For reliable operation of the system, a sprinkler system must be properly maintained. Maintenance companies that are certified according to the scheme of the Center for Crime Prevention and Security (CCV) issue a maintenance certificate for their work. This certificate shows that the required maintenance has been carried out and is therefore an important source of information during an inspection.

There are various standards and regulations for the design, installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems. In the Netherlands, the European NEN-EN 12845 and the Dutch NEN 1073 are often used. In addition, regulations from abroad are regularly used for specific applications, for example from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the insurance company FM Global (FM).

Certification of Sprinkler installations how exactly does that work?

Video source: Center for Crime Prevention and Safety

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Points of attention for older installations

In the Netherlands, Technical Bulletin 80 (TB80) is in force, a regulation for the management and maintenance of sprinkler systems. This regulation stipulates, among other things, that pipes must be inspected internally every 15 years. Our specialists can examine a sprinkler system internally and provide preventive protection against corrosion.

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