Fire extinguisher maintenance

Fire extinguisher maintenance

Demands for maintenance accoring to the NEN standard

On 1 July 2001, a standard came into force which specifies that fire extinguishers must be checked and overhauled. NEN2559 sets out maintenance procedures and work in detail.

The intervals for the maintenance of fire extinguishers according to NEN2559 are as follows:

▪ Annual maintenance by an expert person (ODB trained)

▪ Full maintenance and replacement of the filling of water and foam extinguishers every five years

▪ Overhaul after ten years: extinguisher to be completely disassembled and parts and filling replaced where necessary; hose, nozzle and cartridge are pressure-tested; CO2 extinguishers are pressure-tested and calibrated

▪ Full maintenance is required again after fifteen years

▪ After twenty years, extinguishers must be replaced and decommissioned

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