SK FireSafety Group signs exclusive Benelux contract with VID Fire-Kill

The low-pressure water mist solutions from VID Fire-Kill complete the range of fire safety solutions of Saval and Somati Systems, part of the SK FireSafety Group.

Saval and Somati Systems have been suppliers of sprinkler and high-pressure water mist systems for years. With this agreement we add innovative and unique low-pressure water mist solutions to our fire safety solutions range. This allows us to offer the best possible systems to our customers.

VID Fire-Kill is a leading low-pressure water mist manufacturer with a complete range of products. The systems have been tested and fully approved by, among others, FM, VDS, LPBC and IMO. The systems are suitable for buildings (risk class LH, OH 1, 2 and 3), tunnels and various industrial applications.

Low-pressure water mist offers the advantages of less water consumption and is more cost-effective compared to high-pressure water mist due to installation work and the pump sets.

In recent years there has been increasing demand for water mist systems for schools, health care institutions, data centers, parking garages, industrial objects such as transformers. In every situation, customers are looking for a good balance between an appropriate fire safety solution and investment. VID Fire-Kill meets this needs with all approved systems and the price advantage, compared to other systems.

There remain situations in which high-pressure water mist remains leading and only suitable solution. The operating principle of high-pressure water mist is different from low-pressure water mist. For all these situations Saval and Somati Systems continue to rely on their exclusive Benelux cooperation with the high-pressure water mist manufacturer FOGTEC.

Written by Pieter Verstappen
Commercial director benelux