Automatische brandbeveiliging van schakelkasten bij houtverwerker

Automatic fire protection of switch cabinets at wood processor


Klein Kromhof from Daarlerveen is a wood processor and producer of high-quality wood fiber products such as ground cover for stables, but also biofuels in the form of pressed wood pellets. The 40-year-old family business has implemented various innovations in recent decades and has thus become a producer with a worldwide sales market. They have achieved this with the upgrade of the modern machinery and the addition of their own energy production in the form of cogeneration with a capacity of 7.5 megawatts. From tree trunk to end product, the entire process takes place in Daarlerveen.

The production process is completely in-house and largely automated. This is achieved by the large machinery consisting of robots, debarking machines, sawing machines, screening machines, dryers, shredders, shredders and packaging machines.

All these machines and processes are controlled by a large number of switch boxes spread over the site in the various halls. Since the environments contain a lot of wood dust and combustible materials, fire protection is of paramount importance at Klein Kromhof.

Our product manager has calculated how much CO2 gas is needed for a successful extinguishing operation for each control cabinet. Use was made of 34 Cesaflex DHP (Direct High Pressure) systems and 5 Cesaflex IHP (Indirect High Pressure) systems ranging from 2 to 10 kilograms. The Cesaflex IHP systems have been chosen for the cabinets with increased risk.

In contrast to the Cesaflex DHP system, the Cesaflex IHP fire extinguishing system has a separate detection and extinguishing line. The detection line is mounted at the risk points and is under constant pressure (approx. 12-14 bar, fed from the CO2 cylinder). In the event of a fire, the pipe bursts open, after which the extinguishing valve opens and the contents of the extinguishing gas cylinder are blown into the cabinet via an extinguishing pipe and finally the snow horn. The special snow horns ensure that the CO2 in the form of carbon dioxide snow is released more quickly so that optimal fire safety is guaranteed.

All switch boxes are now autonomously secured 24 hours a day, which is such a safe feeling!


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