Noodverlichting in zwart blokframe voor theater 10

Emergency lighting for theater in black finish

Emergency lighting in large halls is essential to find the nearest escape route or exit in case of emergency. It is important, however, that the lighting itself does not distract from a performance. For this application we have developed a special black block frame with black housing for our Eskaled emergency lighting fixtures. Clearly recognizable, but not disturbing.


De Tamboer in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands, is a cultural center / theater with 2 stages and is visited annually by tens of thousands of visitors. A great value is attached to the experience and viewing experience of the visitors. To accommodate this, without making concessions to the general flight safety, we were approached to offer a suitable solution.


The lighting can be seen more clearly and looks nicer in dark spaces in a black color. With this fixture, De Tamboer complies with the Buildings Decree, the NEN-EN 1838 and the symbol requirements of the NEN 3011, but without detracting from the aesthetics of the hall. The best of 2 worlds!

The previous LED emergency lighting caused distractions during performances and that can not be the intention. The sides of the new black emergency lighting luminaires are completely covered, which results in a considerable reduction of stray light.

Femke de Vos, Building Management / Safety / HRM, De Tamboer