Thermae 2000

Peace of mind thanks to new fire alarm system

A unique wellness resort at the top of Cauberg in Valkenburg aan de Geul. Thermae 2000 offers 60,000 m² of facilities, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, beauty treatments, spa treatments and workshops. Immediately beside the resort is a 4-star hotel with 60 rooms. In order to allow everyone to relax safe in the knowledge that fire safety is taken care of, we replaced the fire alarm system in the hotel and wellness area.

Approach in two phases

The assignment was carried out in two phases: first the hotel and then the wellness facility. The height of the building and its split-level design presented various challenges for our service engineers and project manager.

In the hotel, the old fire alarm system was replaced during the daytime; storey by storey. To ensure the safety of overnight guests, the fire service required that either the old or the new system should be operational every night, so the two systems were used concurrently.

All the work on the wellness facility was carried out at night in order to avoid inconvenience to guests and disruption to business operations. The same method was used as in the hotel, with both the old and new systems being operational. This demanded a lot of the work planners and engineers; good preparation was essential in order to be able to facilitate the work, particularly at night. The engineers adopted an extremely flexible attitude to enable the unusual working hours.

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