CFI rim seal fire protection for floating roof tanks

External and internal floating roofs in storage tanks include different types of rim seals that allow the movement of the floating roof against the tank shell. This rim seal area is prone to many hazards such as lightning and sparks produced by friction or static electricity. These hazards can easily cause a fire to develop undetected hidden by the tank shell until it reaches a dangerous intensity and possibly burn out of control.



Saval as a tank protection specialist manufactures the best gaseous fire protection system for all types of rim seal fires. The CFI rim seal system combines automatic detection and extinguishment which ensures that any incipient fire is extinguished within seconds.




The thermosensitive automatic discharge nozzles are installed in the area above the rim seal. When a fire is detected by the glass bulb in the nozzle, the liquid CF3I gas is discharged in the fire area. The fire is extinguished within 5 seconds and an alarm is sent to the Fire Brigade.


The CFI rim seal system is a pre-engineered modular system comprised of 4 main components: the nozzle with detection, the CFI tank, CF3I gas and the fire alarm panel (optional).

Total cost of ownership

With its clever design, high grade materials and infinite life time of the extinguishing agent, the maintenance and repair costs are negligible. Typical total cost of ownership is very low, especially in comparison with traditional foam extinguishing systems with or without pneumatic detection.



  • Certificates and approval marks:
  • VdS
  • Product group Gas based extinguishing system
  • Product family Gaseous extinguishing
  • Object type Storage tank with floating roof
  • Extinguishing agent CFI (Trifluoroiodomethane)

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