Energy, Data & Telecom

Energy, Data & Telecom

The infrastructure for gas, electricity, water, telephony and data is of great social and economic importance – and the consequences of unavailability are severe. This is a sector which calls for risk-based fire safety. The number of staff present at the relevant facilities is often very low, so the emphasis here is not so much on the safety of people but much more on assuring continuity. In these situations, we commonly work with rapid detection systems that automatically trigger extinguishing gas delivery in order to remove the oxygen from the space within 60 seconds, so extinguishing the fire without causing collateral damage to the equipment. There are different extinguishing gases, each of which achieves the objective in a different way. We will be pleased to advise you on the best option for your situation.


Fire safety always consists of the right balance between Intervention, Installation and Instruction, with you at the center. We explain step by step what our Installation-process contains.

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