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Fire hose reel maintenance

Fire hose reel maintenance

A fire hose reel is a way of quickly and easily bringing large amounts of water to an incipient fire.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of fire hose reels is our advice. Research at companies in various countries shows that many incipient fires are extinguished with fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and extinguishing installations. Successful extinguishing is only possible with regularly inspected and well maintained extinguishing equipment. Often a lot is invested in the purchase of fire hose reels and other extinguishing agents, but then people opt for moderate maintenance or even omit maintenance. There is a real chance that fire hose reels that have not been maintained according to EN671-3 will no longer function in the event of a calamity and may even be dangerous. Good periodic maintenance is therefore a necessity for the safety of employees and your property.

We service every brand and type of fire hose reel.

Requirements for maintenance according to the NEN standard

The maintenance of fire hose reels is also laid down in a standard. Overall, the maintenance interval according to this EN671-3 standard includes the following:

  • Annual maintenance by an expert person (ODB trained);
  • Five-year testing (extortion) of the hose

Annual fire hose reel maintenance

What exactly does the maintenance of your fire hose reel entail? Take a look at the daily activities of the Saval service technician.

In this video we partially explain the maintenance of the fire hose reel.

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