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Maintenance fire alarm systems

Maintenance fire alarm systems

Proper maintenance guarantees the long-term reliability of a fire alarm system. Our service organisation is available 24/7.

Detecting and extinguishing a fire

A fire alarm system can detect a fire and alert people. Did you know that there are also linked systems, where a detection system controls a fire extinguishing system via an extinguishing control center? In the event of a fire, not only is an alarm activated so that those present can escape the building, but also an extinguishing system to fight the fire.

Management and maintenance

Good management and maintenance is essential to guarantee the operation of a fire alarm system. The precise obligations are laid down in NEN 2654 part 1. Did you know, for example, that you have to check monthly whether fire and malfunction reports are properly forwarded to a receiving station for fire reports? In addition, there are checks that must take place every four months, such as checking whether the manual call points are easily accessible and whether the automatic detectors can function.

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Outsource management tasks

As a user of a building you are responsible for the operation of the fire alarm system. You can have an employee trained as an administrator yourself, but you can also outsource these tasks to Saval. We carefully record the performance of the management tasks in a digital logbook, so that you have insight into the management status of the fire alarm system at any time.

Annual preventive maintenance

In addition to the periodic management tasks, we can also carry out the annual preventive maintenance of a fire alarm system. In doing so, we test, among other things, manual call points, automatic detectors, controls, forwarding reports and fire brigade panels, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. We record our findings in a digital maintenance report.

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Space use changed; Check the consequences

In addition to the equipment, we also check the logbook, the underlying documents and the drawings of the installation. For example, does the installation plan still correspond to the actual situation? Changes in the use or layout of the room can have consequences for the operation of the fire alarm system. Adjustments may be required to ensure operation. We can advise you in this.

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