Sprinkler system

A sprinkler system is a fire-extinguishing system that combats a fire automatically, quickly and effectively. Sprinklers protect buildings and people against the effects of fire, enabling safe evacuation and minimising disruption to business processes.

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    A suitable sprinkler system for every situation


    In a wet sprinkler system, the pipes are filled with extinguishing water, so that the system can immediately start spraying in the event of a fire. A wet system is most often used.


    In areas where there is a risk of frost, such as parking garages, the pipes are filled with air instead of water. When the sprinklers are activated in the event of a fire, the air is first exhausted and extinguishing water is added via the main valve.


    In areas where water damage poses a high risk, such as in museums, laboratories or call centers with expensive equipment, a pre-action system can be applied. This is a dry system with an additional detection system, which only comes into operation when two conditions are met. Only when the sprinklers activate and a smoke or heat detector detects a fire will the system start spraying.


    In a room where a fire can spread quickly, for example because flammable liquids are stored, a deluge (literally: deluge) system can be used. The sprinklers are always open in a deluge system. Is a fire detected, for example with a smoke or heat detector? Then the valve opens and water flows through the pipes, allowing the sprinklers to wet a large area in a short time. This prevents the fire from spreading.


    Sometimes water alone is not enough to fight a fire, for example in industrial premises in the chemical sector. In such a case, extinguishing foam can be added to the extinguishing water to prevent the fire from spreading.

    Where can a sprinkler system be used?

    Sprinkler systems are used to protect large areas such as warehouses and production halls. Temperature-sensitive sprinkler heads distribute water throughout the room, provided by a network of pipes, driven by powerful pumps. This allows an incipient fire to be extinguished or controlled until the fire brigade arrives on site.

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    The system

    How is the system built?

    • Nozzles;
    • Piping;
    • Valves;
    • Pump;
    • Water supply.

    The sprinkler nozzles are fitted in a grid under the ceiling and sealed with a glass bulb or fusible link (a heat-sensitive element) that breaks at a particular temperature, releasing water to combat the fire. Sprinkler nozzles come in various shapes and sizes, to suit the most diverse conditions. The water is delivered by means of pumps and motors from the water main, water tanks or open water. There are various design standards for sprinkler systems.

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    Why sprinkler?

    Benefits at a glance

    • Freedom in design and configuration;
    • Reliable activation;
    • Highly effective;
    • Damage limitation and business continuity.

    An active extinguishing system means fire is usually limited to one room, making evacuation easier. With safe access, the fire brigade can easily fight the fire from inside the building with a smaller team and, where necessary, perform further extinguishing actions. Because a limited in-house emergency organisation and appropriate evacuation strategy are often sufficient, you can save money. The investment in architectural compartments and their maintenance is also limited.

    Environment and health

    Sprinkler systems protect people and the environment. Due to their cooling effect, they reduce the formation of toxic fumes which claim the most victims in the event of a fire. Because fires remain small in size, damage to the environment is also limited.

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    Anual maintenance

    Proper maintenance guarantees the long-term reliability of a sprinkler system. Our service organisation is available 24/7 and has a team of highly trained, certified service technicians specialising in sprinkler systems.

    More information about maintenance

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