The fire protection systems of tunnels, railways and airports must never fail. The social and/or economic interests are substantial, because incidents can have major consequences. This is a sector that calls for risk-based fire safety. The systems involved are crucial for ensuring the safety of traffic and transportation – e.g. the control systems of traffic control centres or tunnels. The safety of people is also an important element in this sector.

A fire in a tunnel can be caused by an accident that leaves a bus or train full of passengers stranded. In these situations, rapid detection systems and automatic extinguishing systems are very important so that the fire can be controlled or extinguished within minutes. We can help you avoid them by making sure the fire detection and fire extinguishing system is always operational and reliable. We’ll give you advice and install and maintain the system for you.



Fire safety always consists of the right balance between Intervention, Installation and Instruction, with you at the center. We explain step by step what our Installation-process contains.

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